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Hello my name is Charles Todd Kelsey,  I'm the owner of an online retail corporation and soon to be  realtor.  I see myself as more of a motivational speaker now at times.    I'm on a mission to spark a change in everyone's life I come in contact with.    I was 367 pounds in 2012.  I was living in an apartment could not afford a house till I changed my mind and way of life.    Now I'm 42 years old, 245lbs and can run 5 miles a day.  I have married for 17 years ,have two awesome teenagers and I live my life to the fullest each day.   I give my life, my goals, my dreams the respect they deserve. I'm able to be their more for others now that I'm strong again.  I just want to share my life and stories and I hope you find them Intresting and new.  I hope you think the cool and fresh and make you feel good.  We all have the tools in our heart to be amazing.  You dont need my help. If your reading this then you are already know this.  I can learn something from you too so please comment on my social pages. I accept all people.   Everyone have a seat at my table.  

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If you would like to donate to KELSEY WORLD LLC

I would do amazing things with the money in my community and try to help many animals  and so much more. 

Projects:   We want to fund soon.

1. Veterans:  I want to start a fund to remember all the great Veterans in my Home Town of Rome NY.  We have some legends in town and their stories need to be heard and shared.   We are be proud of our women and men who served and are serving today. 

2. Homeless:  I have been given too and chasing the homeless down for years.  I try to give them backpacks filled with food and clothes and gear to sleep outside, clean water filter and bottles. I give them hope because they gave me hope and faith in humanity.  


3. Private Emergency assistance for saving a pet's life:  One of my goals to set up a fund so that if you have to make a choice between saving your pet or putting them down because of money.  You choice life over money.  I want to set up a private fund at my Vet's office to help pay for people in need.   My pug Lillie was very sick after she ate some ham on Easter .  It shut her liver and kidneys down.  We didn't know what was wrong but they it's going to cost you because it an emergency pet center.   It was 1000.00 a day.  Ouch!!!!and I would still pay it again because we didn't want to give up on her.  It's bad enough your pet is dieing and now your credit mistake  is going to wreck your soul.    I watched many people in the Emergency Care center not get approved for credit or didn't have the money to save their pet.  It was very heart breaking to see people lose their pets because of not having $1000.00 .  I'm sure people lose their pets for less.  So KelseyWorld would like to help special cases like the above.

4.  Arts and Sport Programs:  We wanted to fund huge Arts,  Music and Sports programs for my kids  Local High school.

5.  Start a supported community of mindfulness able people to really help each other by sharing our failures and success stories and helping push each other to our best.   

Soon I'll be selling homes soon to Veterans and People in New York.  I'm be donating some of my commission checks to shelters , veteran projects, abuse centers for battered women and men, and personally helping feed the people in my Town of Rome NY, 13440. 

Life is to short to not swing for the fences each day!!!

Thank you 

Charles Todd  Kelsey,   

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